Property in Armenia house or apartment in Yerevan. Buying a cozy house in Armenia is the dream of every Armenian living in any corner of our planet. Many have already been fortunate enough to become the owner of a wonderful private house with a garden. There is a category of people who have already managed to build or buy a beautiful cozy house in their homeland. For some, the house could be inherited from the older generation. But in any case, this dream has not yet come true for many Armenians. In this connection, we will try to conduct a kind of excursion on this issue. So what is the bigger trend – a house or an apartment in Yerevan. Of course, if you have enough capital, you can choose both options and continue to be content with life. But in the case when you have to choose one of the two, then many questions arise. Let’s try to draw parallels in different price categories and districts of Yerevan.

Budget $ 650.000

In this segment, you can buy apartments in the best parts of the small center of Yerevan in the best new buildings. You will receive an apartment from 170 sq.m. renovated and furnished as well as a parking place. These will be buildings on Northern Avenue, Amiryan, Koghbatsi, Yekmalyan, Byuzand and Aram streets. In such a budget, we will select for you the best private houses in Vahagni, in Arabkir, Davidashen and Avan. You will get a great stylish home with a well-kept plot. Naturally, depending on the location, the size of the plots, the number of storeys and some other factors will vary.

Budget $ 400.000

In the small center of Yerevan, in a new building, you can buy a renovated apartment with an area of ​​100 to 180 sq.m. . These can be buildings on the streets of Aram, Byuzand, Byron, Abovyan, etc. You will receive a renovated three or four-room apartment, possibly with a good view and parking. In Arabkir district, you can buy two similar apartments in new buildings, approximately in buildings on Keri Street in Blur, Nairi Zaryan Street, Komitas Avenue or other places.

If you choose a private house, then in such a budget it will be possible to pick up good-quality real estate in any district of Yerevan, but depending on the location, the quality will also change. That is, if a house with an area of ​​300 meters and a plot in an area of ​​500 meters or more in Arabkir will be of better quality than in the center of Yerevan. Unambiguously, in a given budget, it is possible to find a good property within the boundaries of Yerevan.

Budget $ 200,000- $ 250.000

If we take apartments again only in new buildings, then in the small center of Yerevan you can get a job in an apartment from 80 – 100 meters, in the center up to 180 meters. In the Arabkir district, you can buy one solid apartment with high-quality renovation from 125 meters to $ 200,000. For such a budget, it will be much more difficult to find the optimal solution for a private house. Of course, there are offers in this price segment of private houses in all districts of Yerevan, including in the center. But here we will begin to lose in the quality and area of the plots. In the Erebuni area, you can see offers for new private houses in such a budget. In principle, you can safely take the risk and build your own house, this amount can fit.

Budget up to $ 150.000

For such an amount it is possible to buy an apartment in the big center of Yerevan in a new building with an approximate area of ​​up to 110 sq.m. We do not include in this analysis apartments on Argishti street and in buildings under construction. An apartment in Arabkir district will cost the same price, maybe with a slightly larger area. It will naturally be more difficult to choose houses at home, but one should not be discouraged, there are offers on the market in this price segment. At this stage, we have proposals for houses in the districts of Arabkir, Erebuni, Avan and Zeytun for the given budget. Do not forget also about townhouses, the construction of which is gaining momentum throughout Armenia.

In a word, it is impossible to fit the whole topic in one article, there are many discussions and opinions. One thing we all have in common is that you can safely trust the many years of experience of our real estate managers in Yerevan. We offer only the best offers of the market, apartments and houses in the center of Yerevan in new buildings.