Apartments in Yerevan, how to rent an apartment or a private house in the capital of Armenia? In this article we will try to analyze the situation on the real estate market in Yerevan, as well as give advice on some aspects. Often you have to deal with some nuances when moving to another city or country, both when traveling and when moving for work. After all, each city is unique in its own way, and each country has its own unique unwritten laws. And so, of course, it is most convenient to stay in hotels when traveling, where you will be comfortably accommodated and possibly given breakfast. Moreover, recently new family and more affordable offers have appeared. If you can afford these options, then of course it is quite wonderful. But even very wealthy people are not averse to saving money and choose options for renting apartments. Here you feel like a complete master and get used to the life of the city better. Moreover, prices will differ by a factor of two or more.

And so, today there are many sites and services in this area. In most of them, they take a commission from you, and they do not always provide those services or goods for which you applied. If you are at the peak of the season, then changing the conditions will be very difficult and possibly more expensive. It is also possible that the money will be returned to you, but in any case, it can spoil your mood. Of course, for short trips it is better to use proven hotels. But for a long stay, especially if this is a working tour for more than a year, then we recommend that you use private apartments or houses. So, what to choose, where and when?

What to choose? This question is the most from the allotted budget. To fully understand the color of the city, of course, it is better to settle in the very center, the heart of the city. Going out into the street you find yourself in the thick of events, you better feel the flavor and breath of the city. Most of the monuments, squares, fountains, museums and theaters are here. For lovers of delicious and colorful food, a huge selection of restaurants and cafes will be offered. You will be offered exquisite national dishes of a kind of Armenian cuisine, a wide range of European and oriental dishes. It is better to rent housing in new buildings, there will be security, cleaning and parking inside the building. For summer, spring and early autumn, it is better to choose an apartment with a balcony. In Yerevan, hot and warm weather lasts for a long time and the presence of a balcony will allow you to enjoy the evening coolness in summer. In the cooler season, you can catch the sun’s rays right on your balcony.

Where to choose? There are many real estate websites for this, as well as many other services. Many are trying to find ads from owners in order to save money. But you will not always stumble upon the owner of the apartment itself, even if it was indicated in the ad. In any case, an experienced real estate specialist will find the best option for you. After all, he, unlike the owner, knows more than fifty offers for rental housing and has a better idea of ​​the price range. The specialist saw more apartments, buildings, better represents the condition of the apartments (renovation, area, building maintenance, view from the window, night noise, renovation, furniture and much more ..). The main thing is that he has something to compare with, do not forget about it. The owner, on the other hand, has the goal of renting out his real estate. Our advice, if you want to rent the best accommodation, especially if the term is long-term, then use the services of professionals. The specialist will properly prepare the contract, make amendments, taking into account your wishes, and will be the guarantor of compliance with the agreements. If you nevertheless decide to save a little, then we advise in any case to conclude an agreement with the owner. In typical versions, there are points where it is said that if the tenant stays for a shorter period than indicated in the contract, then you will have to pay a fine. To do this, it is best to indicate the period that, in any case, you are going to actually spend in this apartment. Thus, you will avoid unnecessary financial losses.

When to choose? Not a secret. that depending on the season, the prices for rented real estate also change. Of course, the peak of high prices starts from the beginning of spring and lasts until the end of September. During this period, there is a great demand, in connection with which there is a rise in prices. This is due to the tourist season, during this period Armenia is visited by many tourists from all over the world. In addition, many of our compatriots living outside of Armenia wish to visit their homeland as well. Renting a good apartment this season will be more expensive than the same thing you want to do in mid-autumn or winter. Prices can vary up to thirty percent. Coming to Armenia for a long time, it will be more difficult and more expensive to immediately take the necessary apartment or house. You can rent temporary accommodation, thereby waiting out the peak season and then choosing the best option for you.

In any case, the choice is yours, but we, in turn, wish you a pleasant time in biblical Armenia and return to us as often as possible. And do not forget, of course, to come to us with your friends and relatives.