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You can find the collection of the best real estate in Armenia (mostly in Yerevan) in our website. You can choose from apartments, private houses, villas, commercial real estate, as well as lands located in the city center: at the best corners of the capital.We always try to understand our client needs, provide them full consultingabout real estate market, and familiarize with the most current proposals. Our services include property management, consulting, evaluation, selling. After organizing property showings,if the client chooses his/her favorite one, we begin full legal support for further transactions. Our specialists are engaged in providing all necessary documents and permits in the shortest possible time. After discussing and agreeing upon all points regarding all stakeholders, we organize a meeting at the notary. After signing the contract, we manage every process until you have the certificate of ownership.

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We try to give all customers the maximum service throughout the cooperation. To give the clients of the company maximum service throughout the entire cooperation. Our specialists initially prepare the best real estate in Yerevan for your choice. We select the most relevant lots, do a detailed analysis of the real estate market, check the necessary documentation for the property. Given the reality of all of the above factors, the company is listing the property for sale. If the client is interested in purchasing, we prepare the show. After the screening, the final sale price is discussed.After that, we prepare a preliminary agreement of intent, discuss the smallest aspects of the transaction. After agreeing and signing a preliminary contract, our specialists prepare the necessary documentation for signing a purchase / sale contract with a notary. Within three working days, the buyer receives a certificate of ownership. The transaction is considered completed only after all obligations have been fulfilled by all participants. Thanks to our experience, you will spend the minimum amount of time and get really the best offers on the real estate market in Armenia.