To buy a house or apartment in Yerevan, for which it is very important to follow the advice of professionals? Renting, let alone buying a home, can generally be accompanied by many questions and negative surprises. The surprises to come may not even be known to the most knowledgeable real estate connoisseurs. After all, a situation may arise when the property you bought may be demolished. It is not necessary for the seller to know about this.

Not so long ago, there was information that a building on Abovyan Street may be under the probable demolition and a multi-storey new building may be built in its place. Who and how it all plans remains a big question, and how plausible it is not for me to judge, as they say, time will tell). And at this stage it is reliably clear that the residents of the house themselves do not even suspect anything. Of course, there are times when the buyer is in a hurry, or trusting only his knowledge or intuition, takes up the purchase of a plot with a house. As a result, it turns out that landslides occur on this section, or the foundation of the house was initially laid incorrectly.That will subsequently lead to destruction, or in the best case, there will only be an overpayment. That is why specialists are needed in all fields, and it is desirable for everyone to do their own thing. As a result, our buyer, wishing to save a little all the risks, takes upon himself and rushes to his cherished dream, which, unfortunately, turns out to be a failure. We are not going to scare anyone, these are isolated cases and for the most part this does not happen. But as they say, forewarned means forearmed! Or there may be a situation where the unscrupulous seller did not pay utility bills on time, with special agreements with the house management. Usually, such cases occur in new buildings, where, in addition to communal apartments, there is a fee for cleaning, security, etc. And unfortunately there are many such cases.

We always advise our clients to thoroughly check the documents submitted by us and make sure that their interests are not prejudiced in any way. Of course, this refers to the interests discussed in advance at the stage of the negotiation process. All documents must be legally supported to avoid further trouble. We offer a full range of services, starting from the moment of showing apartments or private houses. The properties presented on our website have been selected by experts with many years of experience.We save your time! After that, we are negotiating the cost and details of the sale and purchase. Any little things are important, and as an experienced connoisseur said – “Real estate is like microsurgery, the success of a deal depends on small details. And it is important to be a true professional in order to anticipate the consequences. ” Our service includes support until you receive a certificate of ownership and, of course, keys. If you wish to make repairs, we are ready to provide you with a list of demanded Armenian designers and construction organizations.

Our advice, always contact the experts in their field, so that there are many of them in the real estate sector in Armenia. They will always tell you whether it is worth buying an apartment in a particular house. What was the cost per square meter at the construction stage, during the delivery of the house and now. YOU will find out whether you are overpaying or not, there may be savings on how much you can rent out and what the expected cost of housing in the future in this area or house. One cannot retell everything in one word, but we tried, we think not so badly and it worked out) ..