Apartments in Yerevan on Northern Avenue. Northern Avenue is the central pedestrian street of Yerevan, the length of the street is 450 meters. As conceived by the architects, it connects the two main squares of Armenia – the Theater square and the Republic square. The construction of the avenue was still conceived in the 30s of the last century by Alexander Tamanyan, but the project was implemented only in the early 2000s. Despite the strong excitement of opponents of construction, the project was still completed. Discontent was from the former residents of private houses, whom the state compensated for the move at a lower assessed price of real estate. There are 11 buildings, 4 areas with underground floors. Along with residential buildings, there are also hotel complexes, business centers and public buildings. The facades of the buildings on Northern Avenue have the pinkish-gray and light-brown shades of Armenian tuff typical for Yerevan. Average number of storeys – ten floors.

There are many different restaurants and cafes, an underground shopping center, fountains with drinking water (pulpulak), benches, musicians and artists, it is always cozy and lively.It is quite understandable why many guests of the capital try to stay here during their stay in Armenia. And also there is a large number of people who want to buy an apartment on the Northern Avenue. For objective reasons, real estate prices are among the highest in Yerevan. If a few years ago it was possible to buy a renovated apartment from $ 2400 per square meter, now options from $ 3200 per square meter are in zero state. Today there are offers for the sale of renovated apartments, as well as for the zero state.

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