Apartments in Yerevan, how to rent and buy property in Armenia? What is the sequence of actions and what you need to know? The beginning of 2022 in Armenia has become very significant, because after the 44-day war in Artsakh, a certain crisis has come in the minds of the citizens. 2021 was the year of overcoming the crisis, overcoming difficulties and normalizing the economy. We told you that over the past year there was a great excitement in the real estate industry. There was a great demand for high-quality apartments and private houses. This was very noticeable from the beginning of spring and continued until mid-November. In addition to buying a home, many were interested in renting, especially at the height of the tourist season. According to many real estate experts, this trend will continue in 2022, and most likely on a large scale.

If you are going to buy an apartment in Yerevan at the beginning of the year, then at the price you should be the winner, since the prices are slightly lowered this season. This is due to the decline in demand. That is, a real seller is ready to lower the price of his property in order to solve his problems. At the height of the season, he usually does not do this, since there are many who wish, and the product will find its buyer. You can benefit within 10-15 percent of the real market value. But at the same time, many sellers know about this, and they suspend the sale process this season. Thus, a certain void is formed in the offered goods. On the rental market, there is a completely opposite picture in the number of offered goods. In this season, there are many vacant apartments, the prices for which are becoming quite adequate.

Since the beginning of spring, the demand for both apartment rental and purchase has been increasing. Property prices are starting to rise slightly. Rental offers are getting smaller as they get busy. Sales proposals are increasing, they change each other, since some of them are already purchased. In dynamics, the excitement increases until mid-September. From this period, there is a certain decline in activity. Thus, each season has its own pros and cons. Our experts will help you find the property you need. They are always in the thick of things, have a lot of information, and in any case, they understand this at least better. The specialist knows the nuances of the execution of contracts, has experience of communication in state and notary institutions, and will fully support you in all the nuances. Save your time and nerves by leaving the solution of all problems in the hands of a specialist. All issues with pitfalls will be resolved on the conditions you need. You will receive a certificate of title to real estate in time and without any unpaid invoices.