Buy an apartment on Buzand Street in Yerevan in a new building next to Republic Square and opposite a park with fountains. Buzand Street starts from the Vernissage and continues parallel to Aram Street to the municipal park until the intersection with Saryan Street. One of the historic streets of old Yerevan. The street is named after an Armenian historian who lived in the fifth century, he is the author of “The Initial History of Armenia”. The street has a one-way traffic opposite to Aram street. The length of Buzand street is about 2.4 km. It intersects with Nalbandyan, Abovyan, Teryan, Yeznik Kokhbatsi streets and Mashtots avenue. Currently, the best hotels and business centers of Yerevan, restaurants and shops are located here. Residential building Royal Classic House, Mayrig restaurant, Holliday Inn hotel, Ararat Bank building and others. At the moment, the building near Abovyan Street is being restored and will look like in the old times, and it is also planned to recreate the appearance of other buildings too. There is still time until the end of all the works, but in the near future we will see the appearance of old Yerevan in harmony with the new skyscrapers.

It is clear that real estate on Buzand Street is in high demand and prices per square meter of housing vary in zero condition from $ 2,200 to $ 3,000, depending on the number of storeys. Prices also depend on buildings, number of storeys, view from windows and other factors. Apartments in the building of the Royal Classic House start from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 per sq.m .. On our website you can find all the best selection of offers of apartments in Buzand street in new buildings. You can buy or rent an apartment for long-term rent using the best offers. In addition, a very profitable investment in commercial real estate in the small center of Yerevan. The demand for hotels, good quality restaurants remains high, as well as the need for office space. Business in Armenia is expanding in many sectors, especially a large flow of people is observed during the tourist season. The last building at Buzand was completed in 2021 and will soon be fully commissioned. New high-rise buildings are not expected in the future, this is due to the fact that there is no more space for construction. In this regard, we forecast an increase in real estate prices in this area of ​​the small center. Buying real estate you make a long-term investment in your future and the future of Armenia!