Buy apartment on Abovyan street in a center of Yerevan. The famous historical street of the small center of Yerevan, Abovyan street. It starts from Abovyan Square and goes down to Republic Square. Starting from Moskovyan crossroads, it becomes one-way. One of the most beloved streets of the capital of Armenia. There are many historical buildings of Yerevan, a church, a Moscow cinema, Stanislavsky theater. University Building, Medical University, Underground stations, Museum of History and much more. Trees are planted along the streets to provide shade during the hot, sunny summer. There are many fountains with cool drinking water along the street at all intersections. You will find many restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes in every corner. Hotel Yerevan, Charles Aznavour Square, a fountain and modern sculptures and monuments serve as decoration. Our real estate specialists will help you to buy an apartment on Abovyan Street. Today we offer several options for apartments of different sizes, both near the Moscow cinema and at the intersection with Pushkin Street. Apartments can be with and without renovation. Some apartments have a view of Aznavour Square, others of Tumanyan Street and the building of the Opera House. You will select the best offers on the real estate market in Armenia with us. We offer apartments both in historical stone buildings and in new buildings.