Buy a house or apartment in Yerevan, how to find the best option? Currently, there are many different real estate offers. In addition to apartments and private houses, there are proposals for the construction and sale of townhouses. This is the middle link between the choice of an apartment or a private house. For obvious reasons,tp build a house can result in a lump sum, which is not always affordable for many buyers. And between the choice of an apartment with an approximate area of ​​one hundred square meters and a townhouse, second option is larger and has a small plot, the latter began to win. Since the owners will never complain about the large area and, in addition, the plot, it is quite natural that townhouses are becoming more popular and are sold much faster. But there is another aspect to this all that has been said, which is associated with the location. For example, townhouses at the same price in the Avan area are selling much better than similar offers in Zovuni or Malatia. The distance from the city center is approximately the same, but the air temperature in the hot summer season and the difference in air purity play a role here. Today you can buy a townhouse with a living area of ​​180 sq.m and a terrace, in addition, a plot of 80 m from $ 100,000 in zero condition. After a thorough renovation and furnishing, you will receive a spacious comfortable home. The choice, of course, always remains with the buyer, but in this period of time we advise you to think about our offer. After all, this offer is valid at the stage of construction and laying the foundation, and six months after the commissioning of objects, it grows from 20% and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in new projects with a good feedback on investment. On all issues of real estate in Armenia, our specialists will be happy to advise you.