Real estate in Armenia, renting an apartment in the city center or a private house! Many guests of Yerevan often face such problems as where and how to find suitable accommodation for vacation ??? Or why is everything so expensive and what is the problem ??? We will try to answer all these questions in this excursion.

In a business like real estate, everything should be planned in advance. Indeed, in recent years, it has become obvious that travels always have to be planned in advance, and if suddenly this is a spontaneous adventure, then in this perspective, many surprises can occur. After the pandemic surge in 2020, the beginning of 2021 was marked by a kind of recession and it is quite logical that after the opening of the borders, people were drawn to warm countries. In addition to the above, given the geopolitical situation in Armenia, this year many of our compatriots wished to visit their homeland.

Of course, you can always stay in a good hotel, both in the city center and in any part of sunny Armenia. But then again, if this is not a short-term or business trip, it can cost much more and at the same time with less comfort. In this regard, the guests of Yerevan are trying to find an apartment or a private house within the city limits for a vacation, in order to first feel the full flavor of what is happening, as well as become the owner of their home, even if only temporarily. It’s no secret that an abundance of fruits begins in May in Armenia. Mulberry and apricot trees begin to bear fruit already from the beginning of June, and a little later peaches, grapes join them, berries, melons and watermelons begin to ripen. And how can you pass by all this ecologically pure abundance. When we said to be in the center of everything that happens, we meant these and other aspects.

Considering the aspects mentioned earlier, people often face various problems and this is due to high demand. Either the property you like is occupied by the target date, or a strong increase in price. We often face various problems of our clients and guests, and there are many such examples. We highly recommend everyone to plan your trip or arrival in Armenia in advance, and in order not to face curious situations, choose trusted and reliable partners. We wish everyone to spend an unforgettable vacation in our country and return to us as often as possible, but they almost forgot, come to us with your friends and relatives!