Buy house or apartment in Yerevan Armenia. It’s no secret that the demand for high-quality real estate in Armenia has been increasing recently. On the one hand, it seemed that after the war of 2020, many would leave the country, and real estate would not be in demand. But in fact, everything turned out to be the opposite. Today there is a lot of excitement in the real estate industry. At the same time, there is a large construction of high-rise buildings in all parts of Yerevan, a large number of townhouses and private houses are being built in parallel. The population of Armenia is not going to leave the borders of the Republic and sees its future here. In addition to this factor, there are many people from the Armenian Diaspora who also want to have their own apartment or house in Armenia. Among other things, the state encourages mortgage lending, provides benefits to many segments of the population.

There have also been positive developments in the tourism sector, with many new flights opened from all over Europe and Asia. Armenia overcame the pandemic crisis, many investors and countries began to invest substantial capital in the development of many sectors of the country. Today the real estate market has a huge selection. You can buy a house or an apartment in Yerevan, at your choice, various offers of ready-made and under construction townhouses in different districts of Yerevan and other cities of Armenia. Our sales managers are ready to advise you in all areas. There are also positive shifts in the commercial real estate sector, which contributes to an increase in demand. It is not so easy to rent an office space or a ready-made business in this segment.

If you want to buy or build your own house, or buy an apartment in Yerevan, we will gladly share our experience. Don’t waste your time! By purchasing real estate in Armenia, you contribute to the economic growth of the Republic. Contribute to the future of your children and the prosperity of Armenia.